Saturday Morning


Well we woke up to a whole lot of hubbub this morning as it was the day of the Milford Fair.   The Milford Fair began in 1946 and the parade has always started at our property.  So this morning our field was filled with horses, clowns, floats,  fire trucks, horse and carriages, tractors, musicians, air cadets, bagpipers, antique cars and general good times.

The downside was the rain, but that didn’t stop the fair.  Some of the good times simply spilled into our house.  I found these guys in our gym, and this tomfoolery  in our hallway.  We keep getting thanked for hosting the parade but we genuinely love it.

Jess and the girls rode our very own float to the fair in the parade.  We entered both our dogs in the dog show convinced  one of them would win this year.  I only got Little Elsa to kick some dog butt in the dog show.  But alas, the show was cancelled due to the rain.  We filled our time at the petting zoo, drinking milkshakes, socializing with neighbours and friends, and perusing the giant vegetables.  I won second place in the frying pan tossing contest, and received a prize of $5 which I promptly invested in more milkshakes.  If you have not had a freshly made milkshake from the 4-H club trailer in Prince Edward County, I am not sure you have truly lived your life to the fullest.  We also won first place in the family float contest.  I’m not going to let the fact that we were the only entry in that category to take away from our win.

We still have the Sandbanks New Wave Festival to attend this evening, so it will be a fun filled day.  The sun is starting to peak out so it may be the right time to head for the beach and listen to some tunes.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Love reading your blog. Just discovered it. We used to holiday at Fairfields Resort for many year. I am quite familiar with your school/house. Now live in Consecon. I do envy your life it is filled with so much fun, change and laughter (I know some tears). I want to thank you and please tell your daughter thank you for showing us what a tick bite looks like. That blog was very informative. Keep on living in your very interesting world and please keep doing the blog.

    • Virginia, what a lovely message you sent me. Thank you. It’s nice to be reminded that life is precious and one should be grateful, as it is easy to forget when you feel bogged down with chores. If you are ever in Milford, please stop by.

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