Goings On


I had the privilege of working in my friend Sas’ flower farm for a few hours yesterday.  She runs a business called Floralora.  She makes beautiful floral arrangements, and has impeccable taste.  I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with my ongoing projects as of late so it was simply lovely to put every thing aside and immerse myself in the beauty and bounty of so many flowers.  I love what Sas is doing and I hope to help out more often in the last few weeks of the season.  If you need a little flower love in your life you can find Floralora at the Dufferin Grove Market every Thursday and at the Toronto Flower Market once a month, or order a flower subscription at Floralora.

Although I had seen Sas around town, I was initially drawn to her after I read her first post on her blog.  I feel an instant connection to people who have lost their mothers, especially when it is due to cancer.  There is a pain that only someone who has experienced it can understand.

In canning news, I have to add a serious shout out to Vickie and Tim from Vickies Veggies.  They have generously given me an enormous amount of heirloom tomatoes.  I have been canning my little heart out, and am currently out of space on my canning shelf.  I do realize that space should not be a complaint in my current abode.  To be more precise, it is a organizational issue.  Turns out I am a slob at heart.


In non canning news, Reya and I had a real treat on Tuesday night.  We were invited to the new Drake Devonshire for a complimentary dinner and over night stay.  Let me tell you, it was fabulous!  All this week they are having a dry run to get all the kinks out before their grand opening on September 15th.  I took a million photos of our mom and daughter night out but have been sworn to secrecy until after the 15th.  We are going back again tonight for their community pig roast.  Nothing like eating some pig on the shores of Lake Ontario.  There is some good living in Prince Edward County.


3 thoughts on “Goings On

  1. Hi Alysa, Id love to see some of the flower photos. Sounds like fun! FYI growing up we made gallons of tomato sauce and apple sauce and then put it in the freezer. (We had two chest freezers full of yummy stuff from garden and grove) That might be an option if your canning zest starts to thin a little bit. 🙂

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