Look, We Are Famous!

We had a local reporter come to our Hootenanny show back in August.  She returned with her husband to do an article for their paper, The Wellington Times, about Jesse and me, and why we bought our school and moved to Milford.

Now that we are famous, I won’t think less of you if you’d like my autograph.


P4 special Times Sept 3-14-2

 P4 special Times Sept 3-14-7

9 thoughts on “Look, We Are Famous!

  1. Wow! I’ll certainly ask to have that autograph next I see you. Fabulous article. Needed a bit more kudos for your share if the adventure though Alysa 🙂

    Laura Zeidler 416-822-8322

  2. I love the article….you guys made it happen and took on a fabulous challenge. I especially love the part of how how kijiji was involved…it’s life changing!

  3. I was delighted to read the article and see the picture of the classroom. I taught the grade one/two class in Classroom 1 the first year the school opened. I remember we had pink and blue floor tiles and a white piano. The children brought me apples until they lined up the window sills for the whole length of the room.

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