Tasks and a New Friend


This is another post where I complain that I am too busy.  I’m not really complaining but it sure sounds like it.  I think perhaps I have too many projects on the go.  I am trying to keep up with my canning but have failed.  The produce pile is growing in my kitchen and we can’t eat it or preserve it fast enough.  I’ve decided to take off a day or two from preserving.  It is ok if a few vegetables go straight to the compost pile, it’s good for the earth.  Before my vacation, I did try my hand at fermenting.  I filled a big crock with excess cucumbers and followed a recipe online at wild fermentation.  My pickles are coming along quite nicely and are filling the Principle’s office with the scent of dill and garlic.  I can’t wait to eat them.

I remember being told last year that County people are really busy in the summer.  I didn’t really get that since I spent the majority of my summer hanging out with visiting friends and drinking beer.  We didn’t start any of our renovations until September.  Both Jess and I were unemployed, and had time on our hands to do as we pleased and wrap our heads around our crazy new abode.

A year later, it doesn’t seem so crazy.  Our school feels more like a home than a school.  Our garden is in full gear as are our rental accommodations.  Our first concert was a success and I will be out putting posters up today for our next concert at the end of the month.  I also submitted an essay for a writing contest yesterday for a Canadian magazine.  Thank you to all of you that have encourage me to write more.  I truly love it although it is not always easy to find something to say.  And then there are those times when I can’t seem to shut up.

The other project that is keeping me busy is this little girl.  Her name is Elsa (from the movie Frozen), and she is nine weeks old.  She is adorable, and cuddly, and we all love her, except maybe Ernie.  He is slowly getting use to her, and one day will be pleased that we got a companion for him.  He told me that last night when we had a heart to heart about the whole new puppy situation.  The downside is that she is causing me to sleep less, and clean more. Those are two things that don’t bode well with me.  Getting a new dog was not a well thought out decision, and is a bit of a hassle.  But little Elsa makes me smile everyday and I need more of that in my life.



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