Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out


I wanted to start this post to let you know that our little Ruby Loo is doing just fine.  Thank you for all your kind thoughts and concerned inquiries.  The right dosage of hugs mixed with amoxicillin was enough to conquer the tick and all it’s nasty bacteria.  Her rash is quickly diminishing and we are yet again a Lyme free household.  Words can not describe my feelings of joy for Ruby’s returned health entwined with my desire to post tiny tick signs wherever I roam to let ticks know that this time we won and they lost.  Of course, the signs would be in tick language.  I’m not an idiot.

There has been a flurry of recent purchases lately.  Not all of them have been prudent finds.  Under the disguise of Canadian Tire errands, Jesse retuned home with an air riffle for the kids.  My kids have spent their politically correct lives free of guns, and general shooting based games.  They took to shooting like jam to peanut butter, ticks to Lyme, and laughter to my jokes.  Suffice to say, they really like shooting.  We set up a bullseye target, and a beer can for more detailed practice.  So far, Ruby has the best shot.  Now my girls can spend their free time shooting each others eyes out along with little Ralphie Parker.

We also bought a slack line.  It turns out they are really hard, so it has mostly been forgotten.  We plan to soon couple it with a zip line for additional unsafe extra curricular activities.

The most fun has been our new row boat.  By “new” I mean old, dirty, and a bit leaky but new to us.  It has allowed us to explore our pond more fully.  We have seen snapping turtles, fish eggs, an abundance of frogs, and an assortment of feathers.




We are so excited that our rental units are very close to being complete.  We hope to have photos and our website up and running next week.  We think they are fabulous and we hope you do too.  We are also thrilled that our concert line up is mostly confirmed.  We will start our concert series in July and have one concert a month until November. Once we have all our performers and dates in place we will let you know.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out

  1. Can the air rifle be any worse than the axe throwing that the Roncy kids have been doing at your old neighbours’ house? 🙂 It honestly sounds like a (s)hoot!

  2. By the way, our friend Nancy Dahm who grew up on a farm in Texas, says, chickens eat ticks! So let those chickens free range and coop them at night, says she!

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