MacCool’s Reuse


I am tending my friend Cindy’s store today.  It just isn’t any store, it is one of my favorite stores in the County.  It is MacCool’s Reuse.  There was a drum roll in my head playing for that last sentence.  I hope you were able to hear it too.

It is a very rainy day out here in Prince Edward County.  It is allowing my day at work to transform into a relaxed shopping experience.  Normally I hate to shop.  I find malls and modern retail stores soul destroying.  Each store has basically the same items, in the same colour hues and patterns, dictated to them by that year’s trend setters.  Everything is packaged slightly differently, but is equally boring.

That is not the case in vintage stores like MacCool’s.  There is always a treasure to be found.  There is always a little something hiding in the corner calling your name.  An item long forgotten by it’s original owner, but is somehow, in some way perfect for you.  An object you won’t see at your friend’s house, or in any other store because it was carefully picked and placed in that location just for you to find it, cherish it, and take it home. You will love it every time you look at it.  It will remind you of that funky store in that big old barn you went to on that ideal weekend away in Prince Edward County.

As far as shopping goes, there is no better shopping than at a vintage store.  Well, aside from garbage.  I do like a good garbage pick.  I guess my all time, favorite store is the garbage.  But if you are unlucky enough not to have any good garbage around you, than a quality vintage store is the next best thing.

Here are some of my special friends keeping me company here today.  Some of them may have to come home with me.







Cindy’s husband Colm is a fantastic wood worker.  He is all skill and a touch of magic.  He makes these fabulous cheese boards and tables.  You can find all this, and sometimes me, and more at MacCool’s Reuse.  So next time you are in the ‘hood, drop by and come and say hi to me and my friends.




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