The Dunes


We spent the morning at the dunes and it was fabulous.  The girls had their first swim of the season and I had my first foot dunk.  It was cold but refreshing.  If you have never made the trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park, then you should.  There are many beautiful provincial parks in Ontario, but none like Sandbanks.  We all felt like we were in the Caribbean, walking through fine golden sand.  There was only a handful of people there, as it’s not quite tourist season yet.  Now that it is June, we are going to try and head to the beach after school as much as possible.  We need to get in some quality beach time before the beaches get too busy.


After lunch we started a new project.  We are trying to make lilac perfume.  The girls collected two large bags of lilacs and pressed them into pans of cooled lard.  The pans are then wrapped tightly with plastic, and left to sit for a few weeks.  The lilacs are discarded,  and then small amounts of lilac infused lard can be mixed with alcohol to make perfume.  Or we may try to make lilac pie crust.  Either way, we hope to extend our time with the lilacs providing we don’t waste all our free time at the beach.



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