A few changes have occurred here that we are very excited about.  The first is the new siding on our building.  Only half of it is done but we think it looks mighty fine.  We went from ghetto to swish, low to high brow, school to deluxe apartment in the sky, in a day.  The east side of the building looks all dressed up, whereas the west side isn’t quite ready for the prom yet.  But by next week ,we hope both sides will be lookers.


Our other news is that our chickens have a new home.  Jess built a new coop for them, and the chickens have spent several successful nights outside.  It is a chicken tractor so we can move it around so they always have fresh grass and bugs to eat and a new plot to fertilize.  Often I will find my kids in the coop playing with chickens, or taking them for a stroll around our property.  I am thankful they are out of our gym and in the great outdoors.  I am referring to both the chickens and the kids here.


Project Sanity is near completion.  I have been driven to the brink of insanity from daily hand dish washing since June of 2013.  On the brighter side, the skin on my hands has developed a coarse outer layer similar to that of a gorilla.  I was thinking about opening a Hand Museum, with me as the star attraction.   I can’t stop these brilliant ideas from flowing.  I am a brilliant idea powerhouse.


Our rental units are almost done.  We are getting the kitchen counters tomorrow.  Both units are shaping up very nicely.  I still need to shop for some furniture, and all the other items needed for a home away from home.  A long shopping list coupled with a hatred for shopping has resulted in some feet dragging on my part.  Luckily, I have enlisted the help of some friends who love to shop, are decisive, and will ease my shopping pain with some laughs.

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