Our chickens are growing up.  They are full on teenagers right now.  They aren’t as cute or as cuddly as they were when we first got them six weeks ago.  We still adore them but we need them to move out.  They have been living in our gym since we got them.  This was working out fine for the first few weeks but as chickens grow, they eat more, and produce more feces.  It’s akin to human babies.  No parent minds changing the diaper of their new born babe, but as soon as that kid starts to eat solid food it’s a less pleasant experience.

It smells like a less pleasant experience in my gym.  We do clean up after them but the stink is winning.  Yesterday Jess and I frantically tried to source out a pre made chicken coop but due to cost we promptly gave up.  We decided Jess needed to man up and just build one.  Our goal was to ‘build instead of buy’ when we moved here so Jess has spent the last two days building a new home for our chickens.  It will be a coop that our chickens will be proud to live in.  We hope they will be happy bringing  their friends to their new abode for a cup of chicken feed, or a plate of vegetable peels.  We hope it will be secure enough for them to spend their evenings taunting coyotes, and raccoons without fear of being eaten alive.  We have high hopes for this coop.

From what I understand, we can put the chickens outside in their new home now that they are six weeks old.  According to my research, everything occurs at six weeks for chickens.  I bought a book about chickens that I didn’t read, but I did have a conversation with Jess concerning our poultry.  It went a little like this:

Jess: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, chickens, blah, blah, blah, six weeks, blah.”

Alysa: “Sounds great”

Based on the above conversation, chickens can do everything at six weeks including living outside, laying eggs, dating other chickens, cracking their own eggs and making several omelettes for myself and my guests, and go grocery shopping when I don’t feel like it.     As with the coop, I also have high hopes for my chickens.

Once the super coop is complete, I will be sure to post a photo as I am sure you are on the edge of your seat.


3 thoughts on “Adolescence

  1. You are living the dream, baby. I read this out loud to Brian and you could feel the chick envy in the room. He’s always wanted chickens. Maybe a little less now that he’s heard about yours. Are you going to test the coop with just one chick so you don’t loose all of them if it isn’t sufficiently secure? How will you choose?

    Miss you,


  2. Cluck cluck cluck….good luck!

    Watch out for weasles!

    W and N

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