The Show Must Go On


I picked up 50 chairs yesterday.  We are getting ready for our summer concert series.  My very good friend Jenny Whiteley is organizing it with me.  The plan is to have one concert a month starting in July.  It is very exciting, and frightening.  I have never done any thing like this before so it comes with a certain amount of anxiety.  I do think it will be fabulous.  I just need a few under my belt before I can continue without feeling like I’m going to throw up.

What I envision is a night full of fantastic music in our gym full of friends and neighbours, and everyone is having a really great time.  I hope that is the reality instead of me and my three kids swaying to the music in an empty gym with our lighters in the air.  That’s the anxiety speaking.  I need to be more of a Don King about the whole thing.  What really draws in a crowd is a lot of yelling and spitting and really high hair.  I’m not sure that is what will do the country trick around here.

I’m going to keep the faith and believe it will be fantastic and well attended.  Maybe I need to harness my inner Tony Robbins and awaken the giant within me.

Or maybe I need to stick the baloney in a sandwich and just be me.  It’s scary to do something new but sometimes it just needs to be done.

When you own a stage, and gym, how can you deny yourself, your family or the world a show?

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