Help Is Needed


I was out of town for a few days.  When I returned, I discovered that the new game at home was to jump off the shipping container into the snow bank below.  No one, including my husband, thought that the 4 foot band of cement between the container and the bank was a concern.  “We are country girls now”, was the motto that was continually being spouted.  I had to remind everyone that it is less fun to be a country girl if you are in a wheelchair.  I was reminded by all involved that daddy is in charge of fun and mommy is in charge of everything else.  Well aren’t I a buzz killer.

Recklessness aside, we are in need of some help.  Jess and I possess many skills but coming up with a name for our business is not one of them.  The name suggestion I had was simply too hip and cool, and Jess’ idea was a lot of hippy mixed in with a dash of dippy.  Our business will include rental suites, farm eggs and veggies, and house concerts.  Our name needs to be broad enough to encompass all these ventures plus any other crazy ideas we would like to add  in the future.

So I turn to you dear reader for help.  Please send me a suggestion or many suggestions for a name for our business.  If the URL is also available then that is a bonus.  Pass this request to all your friends.  If your business name is selected, you will be invited to stay for one free night at our bed and breakfast.  So think hard and think fast because spring is on it’s way, and there is little time to spare.

And if we choose your name, we may even let you jump off the shipping container free of charge.


10 thoughts on “Help Is Needed

  1. Sunny side up industries.

    School daze.

    the recess group.

    Also, I think Roncey needs a store called Eggs. The main operation is selling farm fresh eggs (HUGE demand here with short supply) but also for sale would be all egg paraphanalia like cast iron frying pans, spatulas, porcelain egg containers, omlete forms, cookbooks, and maybe even some onsite technical lessons (see Heston Blumenthal’s videos on egg cooking techniques). Eggs are in a prime position to take over from cereal as part of a daily carb-free breakfast.

  2. Kinda tough coming up with one name for 3 disparate businesses. I’ll throw out some ideas, and then you can throw them out, too: The Hawk’s Nest … A&J’s B&B and Egg Emporium … Crack of Dawn … Music of the Night B&B … Sleep, Sing, Suck Eggs
    Love, Uncle Ken

  3. Eggsiting escapes , B&B eggstavagansa or eggstravaganza escapes. hee hee or on a more serious note

    Schools out,
    Good Luck have fun choosing
    Love from England

  4. The thing is, those three businesses are different enough to make finding an all encompassing name a tall task.

    Do they all *need* to be under one company name? Why not do three names? Then you can find a name that is much more specific to each of the businesses. Then each name will be more helpful to promoting that specific line of business and each name could probably be more creative, descriptive, relevant etc. Also, you then don’t have to worry about trying to find a way to work an ‘egg theme’ into the business name that also needs to communicate rest, relaxation, vacation.

    Keeping the businesses separate will make the job of marketing a lot easier too. If you have an Egg-B&B-Concert-Space web site, it could be a confusing message that has a few places where people might get the wrong idea.

    “A B+B that is an egg farm too? Hmmm, I sure don’t want to get woken up by a bunch of cackling hens in the morning” or
    “I want a B+B that I can relax at, with a music venue on-site, am I going to have partiers outside my door at 3am?” or
    “I want farm fresh eggs from an eggspert egg farmer… those guys run a concert venue and B+B too? hmmmm.”

    These sorts of thoughts might be irrational (and might even happen subconsciously), but it’s the sort of trigger that could send people on their way to the next web site.

    I think Joel is on to something there with the eggs — if there is a farm fresh eggs market to cater to in Toronto, you’re better off going “full egg” and developing an old-timey, country bumpkin brand because that is what your market will be looking for (think about how carefully the other businesses on Roncey craft their image). Adding B+B and Venue to that mix is distracting and works against the goal of being “all egg” (or veggie/egg). Something like “Prince Edward County Farm Fresh Eggs” or “Hawkins Farms” or “County Eggs” or “County Farms” or something like that.

    Here are my other (random) ideas:

    Eggscuse Me?
    Milford Brimley House
    Hawkin Park Ltd.
    The Milford Concert Hall
    County Eggs
    A & J’s Getaway and Stay
    Squawkin’ Hawkin’s (that could be for the concert space or the eggs)
    County Space
    County B&B

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