Turning Point


There comes a time in every renovation when you turn the corner and you can see the light at the end of a drywall dusty tunnel.  In every renovation, amidst all the dirt, mouse feces, and garbage you wonder if it was worth all the trouble.  You wonder if buying a old school was a good idea.

That turning point came today in the boys bathroom.  When I first saw this room back in January 2013, it was by far the grossest room in the whole building.  When we moved in, all the urinals were tainted brown and over flowing.  The only toilet that worked was the kindergarten toilet that barely reached up to my knee.

Today the windows to the boys bathroom were installed.  They look glorious.  And I am not even exaggerating.  After a long cold winter, it is totally fabulous to see sun light streaming into that room.

In case you forgotten, this is how the bathroom looked when we moved in.


And let’s not forget about my favorite part.


I’m not even sure these photos do the grossness justice.  Who out there is going to represent the gross!  Well it’s not going to be me any more.  We are all about light, fresh grout and non brown water.  I may put that on my grave stone.  What more would I want people to remember me by?

Oh and in case you didn’t feel the romantic vibe in between the lines in this post, happy Valentine’s day.

3 thoughts on “Turning Point

  1. I feel your pain/ecstasy. After more than 11 years of renos, we seem to be addicted. Hmm… can we start re-renovating what we started with 11 years ago?

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