My New Best Friend



I would like to introduce you to my new best friend.  His name is Silverado.  He is a little obese at 600 lbs but I am not one to judge.  We all like a good meal.

We are hoping he will contribute to our Kitchen Stadium Dream also known as K.S.D.  There will be many occasions where Silverado will be our guest of honour.  He will enable us to forge lasting relationships through his ability to accommodate countless crepes at one time.  Or scrambled eggs.  Or grilled cheese sandwiches.  Or anything else we can think of to grill.  Do you have an idea?  Maybe you need to come and grill a little something for me and Silverado? 

Silverado is not as spry as he use to be.  He is an old man, in need of a little love and attention.  I think he can be brought back to his former glory.  It took four men and a few skate boards to get him into the gym.  That is where he will stay for the remainder of his life.

Silverado, we welcome you into the family with open arms, and pray we never have to move you again.


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