My Day


I woke up to a bed full of cuddles from 4 of my favorite people, a birthday message from Mexico and a power outage.  I was given a basket of presents from my girls, who had lovingly picked and purchased all items from the almighty Giant Tiger last week.  It felt like a lifetime had passed as I waited for them to choose the right gifts.  There were countless requests for me to try on footwear with my eyes closed.  There were eyes rolling in the very long line as my 6 year old counted out her change for the teller.  It was all worth it.  What 42 year old woman doesn’t need a pair of Betty Boop slippers?  You’d be hard pressed to find one.  If you do, she simply doesn’t know she wants them yet.

After the kids got on the bus, Ernie (my dog) and I went for a cross country ski on our property.  Then Jess and I went to Sandbanks for a walk on the snowy beach.  Off we went to Bloomfield for some eye candy at Kokito and then lunch at The Agrarian.  I wobbled out of there from my lunchtime pint, and after a few stops in Picton we headed back home to a house full of power.  So far so good.

I have to admit I’ve been having some winter blues lately.  A combination of inactivity, a lack of socializing, and worrying about loved ones back in Toronto has put me in a bit of a funk.  I am usually a glass is half full type of gal, so I got a little side swiped by it all.  I am on the mend.  I got out for a girl’s night on Friday with some new friends, and I’ve been out skiing for the third day in a row.  Plus I am back in Toronto in a few days to help those who need it.  And it’s my birthday, so it’s hard to be bummed out with so many birthday wishes and all the love I have in my life.

I am the luckiest girl in the world, and I still have  more cake to eat in the near future.  What more could a young girl want?  And by young, I meant me.  I just needed to clarify that in case you were confused.



5 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Happy Birthday! You got your power back! yeah! Although I’m sure you look lovely in the glow of a lit birthday cake. 🙂

    We would love to include you in a little socializing. Do you think you might be able to swing coming to Bookclub this month? We would be happy to put you up for the night so you didn’t have to drive home in the dark. (And So you can enjoy a liquid refreshment or two.)

    Laura Z xo

  2. Oh! HappyHappy Birthday Alysa with so much love from Wayne and I!! We think of you so often and are so impressed with your resilience and fortitude and of course, your wonderful daughters and hubby! ( and dog!)

    Hang in there kiddo!!

  3. I would consider a cross-country ski just about perfect for a birthday….I’m salivating at the thought. The bonus is that once you blaze the trail, the next circuits are even better.
    This year will surely bring many more new experiences for you. You still have a spring to enjoy there for the first time! Hope to see you in the city sometime soon…Sam

  4. Your are a lucky lady !!! Happy Happy Birthday. You have to come out with the Toronto girls one night when you feel like visiting the big city. Until then, enjoy your freedom, your lovely family and all your wide open spaces. Love Taya

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