Snow Days


The buses were cancelled yesterday.  Yet another snow day.  The amount of snow we have down here is incredible.  We have a snow drift that comes half way up our window.  The girls spent hours making forts in the drift.  They all had their own apartments with skylights.  Jess and I sat inside drinking coffee, and occasionally checking out the window to ensure no one had been buried alive.  We were also making sure the apartment complex was on time and on budget.  We are not interested in shoddy work here.  We have an empire to build.

The snow continues today.  I had to cancel my social plans.  The roads are bad and visibility poor.  Friends that are geographically close, are worlds away when the roads are dangerous.  The bank beside the road goes half way up my thigh when I walk through it.  It’s only up to my knee when I walk to the compost pile.  I keep trying to get the nerve up to put on my cross country skis and embrace the weather.  Somehow, all I want to do is whittle away the time on my computer sitting on the couch with my blanket with a hot cup of caffeine.

I am still in my track pants.

The day is young.  My skis may still get on my feet before the school bus returns.  Or I may build my own housing development outside.  I’ll rent them out to artistic, funny, and insightful friends made of snow.  We can sip wine out of glasses of ice.  We will laugh the day away together, slowly realizing that people of the snow are equal to those of flesh and bone.  We can learn from each other, and live harmoniously side by side.

I should get off the couch.  It’s almost time for another cup of coffee.



3 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Some of my best memories are snow days. We would have so much fun – as you say building forts, tobogganing, snowshoeing. Luckily we lived at the bottom of the valley Big hill up on either side so plenty of days like that. If you are finding your cross-country skis to be too much to contemplate think about getting some snowshoes. The ones you can get from Mountain equipment co-op fit over anything bogs, sorrels whatever you’ve got. They take about one or two minutes to put on not even.

    Enjoy your solitude. You will have lots of company again before you know it.

    Laura Zeidler 416-822-8322

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