Taps are Running


I think chocolate has been my main companion this winter.  I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I’ve been eating copious amounts of chocolate as of late.  I’m not concerned about my pants not fitting me.  I’ve outsmarted my pants by only wearing elasticized pants.  Not only am I comfortable but I am also at the height of fashion.  Since I tend to only see myself, Jess and our construction crew, I get to set the fashion trends.  So sweat pants are in this season, very in.  But only in grey.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in any other elasticized colour.  I have standards, you know.

On another note, our bath tub has been installed.  It took me days to actually have a bath.  The rest of the family fought to get the first bath.  I swore I would wait until the bathroom was completed.  I ate those words (with a side of chocolate) yesterday.  Every inch of our bathroom is filthy aside from the actual tub.  I resisted but the draw was too great.  I haven’t had a decent bath since June of 2013.  So I filled it up, added fancy bath salts, got in, and closed my eyes.  Did I mention I got in with my track pants on?  They’ve gotten so tight I don’t bother trying to take them off.  I go about my daily life never taking my track pants off.  It really jump started my problem solving skills.  The bath was a great way to give them a good scrub.

Just joking.

Back to the bath.  I loved it.  I think it was one of the most luxurious baths I have ever taken.  Imagine how I will feel when the whole bathroom is complete.

With a clean towel and a few bars of dark chocolate, I may just hole up there for a entire season.

6 thoughts on “Taps are Running

  1. Track Pants.
    Funny that I am currently wearing some sleek Calvin Kleins, the kind you can answer the door in, at this moment. You could even walk out to the corner in these bad-boys. Hell, they’d even yell, “looking good Burkie” at Aris Place if I chose to roll in.
    So there’s no Cotton Ginny in your neck of the woods? No Beaver Canoe? (used to rock the green ones with a pink R.L. button-down), Not to mention some nice sky-blue Roots bad-boys.
    Pretty sure those last ones got me beat up. I was a late bloomer.

  2. I have a really good, easy recipe for dark chocolate so you never have to leave home again – except to buy ingredients. Let me know if you’re interested.
    And Neil, you did rock the preppy look.

  3. You are my laugh for the day Alysa, although your humour is a little black ( or should I say Grey!).

    I love the weather down here, and shouldn’t complain about anything in view of your frigid home! but I do so miss having a bathtub!! Love to you all!

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