Raining All the Time


I was doing a little yoga on my bedroom floor, and noticed the view above.  It’s not our prettiest view.  We’ve been having a bit of a condensation issue.  It is on our To Do List.  Due to our extensive list, our bedroom ceiling has a very low ranking.

I was thinking we should just ignore it and paint the ceiling a nice dark brown.  I hear it’s all the rage now in rural schools.

Our list of things to do and fix seems to be continually growing.  I have to admit, it does start to feel a little overwhelming at times.  I wonder when all our jobs are done, will we feel restless and in need of a project?  Will there ever be a day when I can just lie in bed and read all day?  Is that even possible with three kids?

I feel the need to make a list and get organized but every item is huge.  The first item is design the kitchen and cost it out.  Somehow I’ve procrastinated for a month on that one.  I also have to design the rental kitchenettes and cost those out.  Pick and buy tile for my bathroom, and the rental units.  Buy furniture, dishes, blankets, rugs, blah, blah, blah, and blah.

I think I’ll ignore it for another day.

Maybe I’ll go back and do a little yoga on the bedroom floor, and enjoy the view.


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