Renting It Out


I am very excited to inform you that work has begun on our rental units.  We will be renting out two classrooms starting this spring.  They will be 32 x 23 foot open plan rooms.  It has been difficult deciding on layout and amenities, as we are trying to please everyone not just our own tastes.  We’ve never had to consider others before in our design ideas.

Because we are a one story building, and we have a ramp outside our front door, we are making both units wheelchair accessible.  We have the room to do it, so we shall.  If you have ever travelled with someone in a wheelchair, you ‘ll know that accessibility can be scarce when you are on wheels.

We are going to keep it as simple as possible.  Both rooms will sleep 4-5 people, have a sitting area, private bathroom, and a kitchenette.  There will be an option to order breakfast.  Jess makes a mean crepe, so that may be on the menu.  We are looking for a bar cart to deliver our meals to your door in the morning.  I am on the hunt for furniture, vanities, faucets, blankets and all the other little details.  I’m glad I have a few months to shop.

We will have our own chickens this year, so most likely farm fresh eggs will be available.  I think we will have a little farm store to sell our eggs, and fresh veggies.  When you are away from the city, it’s always nice to be able to pick up a few fresh items to bring home to an empty fridge.

We are 10 minutes from Sandbanks and other local beaches, and close to many vineyards.  We plan to have house concerts in our gym this summer, so entertainment won’t be far.  Plus the Milford Bistro is a short walk from our place.  We hope to start renting in April or May, so if you are interested let me know.


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