Ice Storm 2013


Somehow we were side swiped by the ice storm.  We saw the forecast but didn’t think much of it.  We just figured we’d stay off the roads for a few days and all would be fine.  Our awesome neighbour knew better and came and plowed our drive Friday morning.  We heard his tractor while we were still in our pajamas.  “Freezing rain is coming” was all he said when I ran outside to thank him.  He knew we were ill prepared with a simple shovel and manpower to fight the elements.

We now know better.

We got covered in our first layer of ice on Friday.  We lost power by Saturday, which meant no water or heat.  Jess was hauling 5 gallon buckets of water from the pond across the street, and we hooked up the generator so we could have a few lights on.  Our radiant floor heat takes a day to warm up and lucky for us about the same amount of time to cool down.  So it didn’t start to get chilly until Sunday morning.

Our power came back on Sunday afternoon.  We aren’t faring so badly compared to other Ontarians.  Some people aren’t expected to get their power back until Christmas day.  We now know we need to be better prepared for this kind of thing.  More canned food, and water in storage.  There are no stores nearby to replenish our supplies.  Our heating needs to be able to run without electricity.  We do have a wood stove but it is in an uninsulated gym.  It’s too cold to be in the gym for warmth, but we did use the stove to boil water and make our morning coffee.

Most of the trees on our property are damaged.  Ten to fifteen foot branches have broken off most of them due to the weigh of the ice.  Our car was frozen shut.  Our kids put their skates on today and skated down our driveway.

My mom made it here on Thursday.  All our other family visitors cancelled this weekend.  We are sad they are not here but it’s better to reschedule, and be safe.

The lights are starting to flicker again, so I’ll sign off.

Stay warm my friends.





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