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While some projects are slowly moving along, others are coming together quite nicely.  Our room, our office, all three girls’ rooms and our guest room have new windows, walls are primed, and trim and closet doors are installed.  It is going to look fantastic.

My mom is coming next week to help me decorate.  Fabric has been bought to recover headboards, and stools, and for cushion making.  There is still dust to clean up, and our painting chores will have to wait until the spring when we can open the windows.

Back in the city we had a small two bedroom home.  I thought it was the perfect size.  My girls thought otherwise.  They were a little cramped in their shared room.  My two older girls are looking forward to having their own space.  Ruby is dreading it.  She is worried that she’ll be scared in a room all by herself.  To accommodate her 6 year old fears we are going to put an extra bed in Wini’s room, and a secret entryway.  There is a small 1 1/2 x 2 foot doorway in her closet.  Whenever she is scared in the night, she can go in her closet, crawl through the hatch into Wini’s closet, and climb into the extra bed.

I can’t wait to be able to unpack properly.  We have reconfigured our living and sleeping space so many times since we have been here.  I am ready to stop moving furniture around and settle in for the long haul.

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