Yesterday was a day filled with highs and lows.  Not artificially induced, but just some good, old fashioned, clean ups and downs.  Our electrician was over and finished the last electrical stage of the boiler.  We were all elated that the boiler was hooked up and working!  We had never seen it work and were happy that it did in fact work.  China was back in our good books.  Let me rephrase, China was back in our good books for it’s electrical manufacturing not for it’s human rights abuses.  Whew! that was a close one.

In the afternoon, Jess wanted to see what the boiler could do, so he filled it up with wood pellets and fired her up.  The low down feelings began when the back door of the boiler refused to close and fire was spewing out the back.  There had been some damage to the boiler during shipment, but we were unsure as to the extend of it.  We were crushed especially since we are so close to having a fully heated abode.

It is not always easy to find the appropriate parts in a small town.  We did make a mad dash to the local Home Hardware and Jess is currently on the job.  I am fully confident in his ability to repair the situation both mechanically and emotionally.

On a happier note, we had a lovely weekend.  Family and friends braved the lower than average household temperatures and came to visit us.  We went to a local craft fair and then spent Saturday afternoon making cider.  We had picked several apples from a laden tree by the road side.  Everyone chipped in and chopped four large bags of apples, and then fed them in the cider press.  Over the summer, Jess had harvested natural yeast from the apples at his dad’s farm.  He has been growing that yeast for months.  Now we have about 10 litres of juice fermenting.  All the adults are looking forward to drinking it when it’s ready.

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