Dusty MacDusty


This is what I did yesterday.  What did you do?  I spent several hours yesterday afternoon feeding hundreds of feet of PEX tubing into this hole in the floor that Jess dug out with his bare hands.  It is possible he used a tool, since he had to get through 5 inches of concrete.  My 6’5″ husband was in in the 4 foot crawl space running tubing for our heating system.  What was that you just said?  You thought the heating system would be complete by now, did you?  Well it’s easy to judge from a heated room.  I am currently typing with several layers on including long johns, a sweater, a vest, my scarf, and a toque.  When will the insanity end?  The heating should be done in about a week.  I’ve been saying this for weeks now.  It turns out, it takes more than a week.

To help out with the renovations yesterday, I assigned myself clean up duty.  We were getting ready to prime the walls in our new bedrooms but needed to have all the drywall dust vacuumed up first.  Sounded perfect for a non skilled labourer as myself.  The first room cleaned up like a dream.  Half way through the second room, the filter on the shopvac clogged up and dislocated itself.  So all the dust that I sucked up came spewing out the back of the shopvac.  It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening.  Once I figured out the situation, I promptly abandoned my task and got the hell out.  I did have the where with all to turn off the shopvac before I left the room, and close the door.  I’m no slouch, but I don’t think I’m qualified to be on the crew.

I think I’ll stick to the girl jobs from now on.


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