It’s All About The Kids


My kids go to a small school in Prince Edward County.  It is a kindergarten to grade 8 school, and each class is a split grade.  So far I’ve been impressed with the school, and my girls are all happy with their teachers.  We are only two months into the school year, and my kids feel as if they know the names of all their fellow students.  There seems to be a good bunch of kids at our school, and a strong sense of community.

I’m the kind of parent that likes to get involved.  There is always a job that needs to be done at a school.  So last week, I went to a parent council meeting.  There was a good turn out for such a small student population.  Both parents and attending staff were friendly and helpful.  Once we got down to business, I was a little surprised by what I found out.

The parent council operates on a very tight budget.  They are beginning the school year with $5.69 per student for the school year.  It is hard to provide adequate programs for less than $6 a child.  As most of you know, over the last few decades there have been massive cuts to funding in the education system in Canada.  It has fallen to local parent councils to raise funds for music, art, science and technology programs for their kids.  This has not resulted in equal programs for all children across Ontario.  Schools in higher income brackets tend to raise the most money, resulting in a plethora of enrichment programs.  Obviously, limited funds equal limited access to such programs.

We do have fundraisers planned.  A local artist has carved two amazing pumpkins to be raffled off today.  I bought several tickets, planned to win, and did.  Technically, my kid won but I can share the glory too, can’t I?  There will also be a Christmas raffle that brings in money every year.

Our school is situated in a hard working, rural community.  The teachers and parents are dedicated to their children’s education.  There are enough hands on deck to volunteer and put the work into new programs, but some things cost money.  For example, we would like to start a music program but our instruments are in such disrepair that they need to be mended before they can be used.  We would like to invite visiting artists, and scientists to the school but they need to be paid a fair wage.   If a field trip is planned, one bus can cost up to $200 for one day.

I know that none of your children or grandchildren go to my girls’ school.  If you believe that all children in Canada should have the same access to art, music, science and technology please consider donating to our school.  There is a donate button on the top, right hand side of the page.  I will take your nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills.  Every cent will go directly to programs for these kids.

Perhaps you don’t care about equal access to programs for students, but enjoy reading my blog.  I will also ask you to donate to our school, but maybe I won’t be so polite about it.

It’s getting close to that giving season, so why not get a jump start and give right now?

All donations $20 or over will receive a tax receipt.  Please send me your address at so I can send you your tax receipt.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “It’s All About The Kids

  1. I’m so glad the girls like their new school! That’s the same reason I love my kids school, its small and they all know each other, it’s great! I wish I could donate to the girls school and perhaps when I come up for a visit I’ll make a contribution, but as you know my school in the city, is in the same situation. ~claire

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