A Window


Our friends Julie and Joel and their kids came for a visit that was much too short back in July.  They are some of my favorite people, always interesting and always fun.   Joel made of the above video of their time here.

Just for the record I usually make my bed a little neater than I did that day.

I love the video because it shows how things were when we moved in.  We are always impatience for progress and sometimes it’s easy to forget that what we have right now is good and we should appreciate it.

On that note, my little one turned six today.  It’s hard to believe that I don’t have a small five year old any more.  Happy birthday my R.P.!



5 thoughts on “A Window

  1. happy birthday Ruby, here is a poem for you:

    When I was One I had just begun,
    When I was Two, I was nearly new.
    When I was Three, I was hardy me.
    When I was Four, I was not much more.
    When I was Five I was just alive.
    But now I am Six, as clever as clever.
    So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever!

    xo from the Astruaskas/McMullan Clan. 🙂

  2. Ok – I just needed to be patient and leave my screen open for a few minutes. Fabulous video. I love the fun with the slack line. One of my kids favourite activities. Happy birthday R. 🙂

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