Shut Up Already


It’s mid October and we have decided it is finally the time to start seriously working on the heating system.  We have all the parts (yah for us!), now they need to meet and get along.  We are having an impromptu cocktail party tonight so all important players can mingle, get to know each other and see if they want to coexist with each other for the next 20 years.  After 20 years, we will be hardy country folk and probably will have no need for heat.  Alternatively, we will wear our heated suits that Jess’ has designed and plans to make in the near future.  I’ll be serving an oil based cocktail with Asian nuts and bolts, and metal shards with dip.

We will be hosting the event in the shipping container.  Oh look, the first guest has already arrived.


He is always unfashionably early.  Those bio mass boilers are so inconsiderate.  I don’t even have my party dress on.

Let’s stop this silliness.  This is what happens when I spend too much time by myself!  Why won’t someone move here and be my friend?  I do have three friends here which is an improvement from none a few months ago.  Two have just moved here from Toronto, and one runs a fabulous antique store out here.  Oh and there’s my neighbour whom I love but he is leaving shortly for Argentina for the winter.  So he only half counts.

Here are the serious updates:

Jess moved the 800 lbs boiler himself with with an abundance of physics knowledge and a few tools from the hardware store.

I have one more birthday party to go.  After Saturday I’ll feel normal again.

One bedroom is mostly drywalled.

Little Mousy died.  Only Wini cared, and she cried hard.  She buried him with her dad in the flower patch.

I won’t be inviting Mousy to the cocktail party tonight.

5 thoughts on “Shut Up Already

  1. I love how October has totally cooperated so far with your, some may say tardy, heating preparations. Here’s hoping the party rocks!

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Mousy.s inevitable demise, but glad he was mourned by Wini and that the girls had the experience of caring for the little guy while he was on this earth! And good Luck with that Chinese thing!

    Love, W and N


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