It is a beautiful Fall day here.  After the kids got on the bus for school, my mom and I took the dog for a walk.  Here are a few of the sights on the way.





Luckily in the back seat of that old GMC truck someone left this perfect cake.  And I think they baked it today.  It was a convenient find because it is my daughter’s 9th birthday today.   So I snagged the cake and stuffed it in my back pocket.  I ran all the way home, took a moment to slide into first base, and then got to work.  I reassembled the cake at home, and voila! instant party.  It will be an excellent companion to the requested spaghetti, meatball and caesar salad dinner that I have already prepared.

Every girl deserves a cake on her birthday, even if she did just turned into a ‘tween.


5 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Happy birthday Reya and love to you Alysa and Mum Jane. Wish I’d be there to pick that yummy looking apple. I’m loving your stories from the county. How’s the ‘pet’ mouse.


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