Upside Down


Much to my dismay, little mousy has been reintegrated into our lives.  There has been talk that perhaps he is actually a baby rat and not a mouse.  This knowledge does not increase my love for mousy, and we all know there was little love to begin with.  Our little mousy is sick, and some of us are hoping some warmth and spoon feeding will help him regain his strength so he can grow up and be a disgusting adult rat.

He is kind of cute, but in a repellent sort of way.

We will see what the night brings.

Good luck mousy.  Get better and get the hell out of my house.


2 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. The school that I used to teach at were into humaine traps. But the caretaker wasn’t so keen on that. He would take a permanent marker and draw straight down their back. If he saw them again SQUASH!

  2. Hold your ground! I think mousy is faking it – just to get the sympathy of the others – but you must be firm – get rid of that critter!



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