Our weekend fun with friends and family was a blast.  It was wonderful to have so many people here. My favorite photo of the weekend was in the gym with my friend Emily on the pogo stick, 5 year old Zach on the drums, Neil on the electric guitar, many people dancing, and my nephew William shooting hoops.  Jess’ new drum kit was well used by both young and old, we sliced some roast beef with his new meat slicer, and made fresh ice cream with his new hand cranked ice cream maker.  We are hoping our neighbours forgive us for our late and perhaps too loud bonfires.

It’s Thursday and I am still recovering and still cleaning.  Not to worry, both myself and the school should be ship shape by tomorrow for our next batch of visitors.

We now have three classrooms framed, and they all have brand new windows.  The electricians are here making sure we will be well illuminated.  Rob is framing the bathroom and I have my bath tub on order.  Three months into this journey, and I am heavily craving a static, clean and comfortable space.  I want to be able to walk freely without shoes, and still have my soles relatively clean.  We have moved our bedrooms countless times since we’ve arrived.  We spent the last week all sleeping in the gym.  I’ve insisted that we move into our two guest rooms until our forever rooms are liveable.  Our kids have been very adaptable.  Often they would arrive home from school to find their beds in yet another space.

Yesterday, I moved everything out of the girl’s closet so Rob could install the windows.  Huddled in a corner, was a baby snake.  He caught it so we could show the girls.  We have not seen any adult snakes inside but quite a few outside.

Our new outbuilding was delivered yesterday.


It is a 8×40′ shipping container.  We are going to use it to house our bio mass boiler, wood pellets and  fire wood.  As much as I like it, I do realize we will have to be creative when we design our backyard space.  It will have to serve as a industrial wall in our yard providing shade, privacy and shelter from the wind.

More festivities are planned for this weekend.  My oldest girl turns 9 years old, and soon after that my littlest will be 6.

Where does the time go?


5 thoughts on “Visits

  1. keep the posts coming…endlessly entertaining – just look at your tags: birthday, Drum kit, Electric guitar, Ice cream, Meat slicer, snake (and you could have added ‘shipping container’). I guess that’s where the time goes.

  2. Alysa, I’m so glad that you are enjoying your new place. I’m certainly missing our walks and talks. Perhaps we can organize a time for a phone call. Happy birthday to your two girls and say hello your baby snake for me.

  3. I can’t wait to see what your new shipping container is going to look like: painted green vines or eclectic super urban spray paint.

  4. I don’t do snakes very well – even that stupid little thing – it creeps me out and makes my skin crawl!!!!

    I bet the girls loved it though – and then what the heck did you do with it?????


    p.s. Be sure to keep November 23rd open for the big Celebration at the Musket – I think they said around 3 – but I’ll be in touch again



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