I am happy to announce that we officially have three warm rooms in our house.  Not one, but three.  We have a pellet stove in classroom number one and two, plus our beautiful wood stove is up and running in the gym.

I would now like to take this vow:

I, A.E.H., do solemnly swear that every future blog post will not have a reference to my existing heating situation.  I also swear that I am not clinically obsessed with heat in general but simply have a healthy reverence towards Canadian winters and am therefore reasonably interested in ways to stay warm.

And let me just add that you, my trusted reader, would be equally obsessed with your heating system if you currently had none.  Well now that we are back on even ground and cleared our emotional plates, let’s continue with the update.

We spent a lovely, sunny Sunday morning stacking our two cords of wood that we ordered.  We are thinking about ordering two more cords to get us through the winter.  We envisioned the whole family helping to stack and enjoying the outdoors together.  Turns out my children couldn’t see the point of it all and went about their lazy ways.

Today is my husband’s 40th birthday.  He is spending several hours driving to the border to pick up our tubing for our radiant heat.  My mom and mother in law are en route, and we are all looking forward to have a yummy roast beef dinner (a la mother in law) and hanging out with our moms.  This weekend we have several dozen friends and family coming to stay to celebrate Jess’ birthday.  We have a baseball and croquet game planned, as well as a delicious BBQ, and many hours of jamming on stage and just plain hanging out.   I can’t wait for the festivities to begin!


4 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. Thank God for the heating situation. I was very concerned but now very relieved!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!!! 40 years old – wow – I hate to say it but I remember the day he was born!!!!

    Enjoy your festivities!!!!



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