The Warm Room


This is a picture of our ‘new to us’ pellet stove.  We had a couple of cold days over here.  The other night it got down to 2 degrees Celsius.  I was damn cold.  I was too cold to change into my pajamas and went to bed shivering.  Two degrees is tolerable when you live in a fairly well insulated house.  We have no insulation, terrible windows and concrete floors.

The next day Jess hooked up our pellet stove that we bought from a neighbour back in July.  It heats one classroom quite nicely.  Classroom number two has been called Grandma’s Room, and then the Guest Room, and now it is the Warm Room.  We’ve been spending most of our evenings in the Warm Room, and have invited our dining room table and our couch to join us in there.  The other class rooms are now mostly used in the day and shunned at night.

We are experiencing some lovely weather at the moment and predictions are for temperatures in the double digits.  We have a few more days of grace before we really have to get our act together.  Jess is off buying chimney pipe and the hope is our large wood stove will be connect and ready to use by tomorrow night.  Our order has been placed for 5000 feet of tubing for our radiant heat.  We ordered it from the States for a better price and have to drive across the border to pick it up.

If our plans all fall apart, we have the Warm Room.  I can always drag all our beds in there and we can hunker down until we get this old heating thing figured out.


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