The Fair


This past Saturday was our town’s annual fair.  It is big excitement for our little town.  It is especially exciting for us because for the last 60 years the parade has always started at our school.  The fair board contacted us back in February to insure that they could still use our property for all the floats and animals come September.  We said yes since it was hard to come up with a reason to say no.

My kids got up at the crack of dawn, and started peering out their bedroom window looking for some action.  They had to wait until after breakfast for the action to begin.  Soon enough, our field was full of floats, horses, antique cars, clowns, bagpipers, and a great big old fire truck.  After meeting several new neighbours, we started finagling our way onto a float.  We wanted to experience our first fair like royalty and enter the fair grounds aboard a luxurious float.

Our only invite was the Sunday school pioneer float.  We were happy to be invited.  We donned our Sunday best, borrowed a few bonnets, and off we went.  We were a little overshadowed by the rowdy beach float with their noodles and beach wear, but we kept our backs straight, our waves precise, and our expressions stoic.

The day was spent playing games at the fish pond, drinking milkshakes and marvelling at the giant tomatoes.  The only disappointment was that Ernie didn’t place at the dog show.  We had forgotten to brush him but we did give him a pink bandanna to wear that we thought was sure to overshadow the lack of grooming.  But alas, those country judges are more sophisticated than we had imagined.  Next year Ernie will be a triple threat with his coat brushed, bandanna ironed, and he might even get a bath.


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