The Beginning


It was the first week of school and there were plenty of nerves, mostly on my part.  All my girls are off to school all day this year.  I drove them to school and walked them into their classrooms.  My oldest two already had friends in their class, but my little one went in fresh.  She put on a brave face when she sat down at her desk, but she held on tight to my hand and I had trouble pulling it away.  I would of stayed with her the whole day if I wasn’t new in town.  But since there is already a rumour that we have started a cult at the school, I thought it best to leave her to fend for herself.  I got in my car and cried all the way home.

She spent each recess of that first day, adjusting her leg warmers, by herself under the slide.  The rest of the week was filled with nightmares, a hospital visit and strep throat.  She was back at school on Friday and came home with a smile on her face, and names of new friends.

We went to our local fair this weekend.  It was an afternoon filled with barn yard animals, pulled taffy, and topsy turny rides.  After going in the poultry barn, Jess is convinced we should get chicks.  I think we may need another dog.  The girls are campaigning to each get a dog for their birthdays this year.  Although we have the room for them here, I’m quite sure we would be hard pressed to find somewhere to stay in Toronto with five people and four dogs.

Other exciting news is that our boiler from China arrived on Friday with minimal damage.  The thought of having some heat this winter is very appealing.  Jess is outside insulating the exterior of the crawl space as I write.  Once that is done, they will start work on the radiant heating system.


 I also ordered my wood stove this afternoon, so we should be right as rain for this season.

Kijiji has been my best friend this past week.  We had a guy drive 4 hours to see our old boiler.  We charmed him with tales of peak oil, high heating prices, and climate change and it seems to have worked!  We are currently negotiating price and really hope it works out.  A couple came by and acquired two large salmon coloured carpets that have been living in the library for the past 40 years.  They said the carpets would be perfect for their fixer upper.

We still have some outstanding urinals if any one is interested.  As the ad says, they would make a great gift!


8 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. What are you using to insulate the crawlspace? Also, why the wood stove since pellets are cheaper? Did you get a good deal or is it that burning logs have a certain charm?

    • We bought some used insulation (XPS) that we are using to insulate the outside of the crawl space. We found a guy in the hood who salvages insulation so we are buying all our insulation from him at about 1/10th of the cost of buying it new. Plus we have diverted it from the landfill!
      We are going to use pellets in our boiler but I really wanted wood in our living room. I got talked down from a fireplace to a wood stove.

  2. Just a note to say how much I am enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for documenting this. It’s nice to see the school being made into a home. I worked there as the ‘fill in’ for the full time librarian a few years ago, so am a bit curious as to what’s happening in the library 😉

    • Merci Christine. We have taken apart the library. It will eventually be a retail space or art gallery. I plan to use the book shelves in my kid’s rooms. We now use the book return trolley as a cart to bring our dinners out back when we eat outside. It is a perfect height for the girls to push through the halls. The school left a few boxes of books which I intend to keep, although they are quite musty.

      You are welcome to come by and check out our space. Maybe after French class?

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