Things are ticking along nicely right now.  We have the beginning of our first wall.  It is being built in our old bedroom/dining room/living room.  It is going to be our daughter’s room and a guest room.  Each of our three kids are going to have their own bedroom, and they are going to be a massive 23′ x 16′.  I had a real problem with giving them such a large room.  It didn’t seem right, but I wasn’t sure why.  After discussing it with several friends and family members, there really isn’t any reason to be miserly with space when we have space to give away.  Are they going to grow up better people if I make them share the janitor’s room?  Probably not, but they may grow up to be better cleaners.

Our new contractor has been working with us all week and he is awesome.  If you are looking for help after my project is done you can find him at Herfst Construction.  Believe it or not he also worked with another family who bought a 7500 square foot public school.  The husband in that clan is an architect and you can check out their house here.  Let’s dampen your expectation here and now.  My house won’t be as nice as the architects, but we can live with that.  I hope you can too.


We also have a new pet in the house.  His name is Hotdog Mustard JubeJube, for obvious reasons.  His project is moving along quite well.   We are excited to meet him again soon.


My brother in law came to visit with his girlfriend the other week.  While Reya and I were on a bike ride, they weeded a whole tennis court.  It was a unexpected and excellent surprise.  They had a little help from their two nieces as well.  It was no small feat.


This is what the court next door looks like.


I even bought a tennis net the other day.  Does anyone have any tips as to how to DIY court resurfacing?  That is on the To Do List, along with designing the bathroom.  I expect I’ll be able to be a little more efficient once school starts.  I do look forward to September, especially with all these jobs to do.


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