We have a few ideas.  Actually we have a lot of ideas.  The problem seems to be decisions.  We don’t have any.  Our cup runneth over with ideas, but we are starving for decisions.  How are we to survive with no decisions?

So I need your input.  We have decided that the front of the building should be used as our commercial space and we will eventually live in the back of the building.  The front consists of the library (23′ x 25′), two classrooms (23′ x 34′), the principle’s office (10′ x 23′), and the staff room (23′ x 15′) which has a staff washroom.  How do we divide it up?

We think the library should be an art gallery/retail space.  We are trying to clear that room out but it is turning out to be a more work than we originally thought.

We may also leave the front classroom as a classroom.  Just leave it as raw open space.  Maybe someone wants to teach a class in there.

That leaves us with one more classroom, the principle’s office and the staff room.  Here are some options.  Let me know what you think.

Option One:

Turn the classroom into a self contained two bedroom apartment with a walkout.  It would have a full kitchen and bathroom.

Similarly, we would convert the principle’s office and staff room, into another one bedroom rental unit with a kitchen and bathroom.

We would try and rent both units on a weekly basis to tourists in the summer.

Option Two;

Turn the classroom into two separate bedrooms, each with their own bathroom.  Convert the principle’s office into a bedroom with a washroom.  Then we would renovate the staff room into a commercial kitchen.

We would focus on nightly not weekly rentals.  Each room would have access to the shared kitchen.  Plus we could rent out the commercial kitchen to someone who wants to make food in a legit kitchen.

Secretly I want a commercial kitchen on hand to have awesome dinner parties with my friends.  First, I would have to make a friend in that scenario.  Old visiting friends could work in that plan as well.

Option Three:

Don’t rent rooms at all.  Instead, we would start having small house concerts.  Musicians would come and play to an audience of about 50 people.  We would have the concert in the gym on the stage.  The band could spend the night in one of the classrooms.  I have a good friend who knows plenty of musicians and she would do the bookings, and we could do the hosting.

Well folks, that’s all we’ve come up with so far.  Let me know what you think.  We are open to any fresh ideas.

And I do realize that it’s been a while since I last posted.  For this I apologize.  Here’s what been taking up my time: waiting for my water system to be installed, washing my clothes by hand, entertaining guests, getting my water jugs filled up, trying not to kill the plants that my mom and aunt planted, driving too much, cuddling with my dog, meeting my neighbours, getting a sunburn, going to the laundry mat, unpacking countless boxes, and dreaming up floor plans.

I’ll be more punctual next time.


5 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. I think all ideas sound grand. If I was to pick, I would go with Option 2 and the occasional band night.:) Can’t wait to see the place. I am still hoping we can make it up late August. I will keep you posted. Jack (the pup) is coming along swimmingly with his training – except he still likes to eat everything – with a special passion for shoes that I hope is a passing fancy but fear it may be a lifetime love!:o

  2. Hi Alysa & Jess:

    Love your adventure, love your blog, love your ideas…can’t wait to see it—but quite sure you would be happy to wait…seems you’re a tad busy without visiting “idea floggers”!

    As usual, I’ll be ornery and try to get all the preferences out of the options…here’s my shot at it for you:

    1) Go with Option 1…it is just way less hassle to do weekly than daily (bookings, laundry, arrival/departure on-site commitments) ..tends to get family/”quieter” folks…can offer 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed suite choices…your guests in Option 2 need to eat and that means either–eat out (where?), be fed by you, cook in a shared (??? 3 different couples) kitchen: any of these sound like more hassle

    2) Let’s get your commercial kitchen anyway!! Put it along the back wall of your classroom raw open space; perhaps with an accordion “wall” to close it off if necessary. And Presto!! still have your flexible open includes great option to give cooking classes as well as regular classes…”cocktails room”/”join in the cooking prep room” for your awesome dinner parties (Please put us on your invite list!)…cooking space option for your visiting bands…pre or post concert reception area…etc,etc.

    3) Still have the Concerts option whenever you want to go with it (the gym is still available under all options isn’t it?). Put the bands up in the rental units by blocking off sale dates. Or, if larger bands, how about setting up portable dorm type beds in Room #2 above…build in a bathroom at end of the commercial kitchen wall and it’s self contained for them—and maybe handy to have one available for other events in that room anyway.

    WOW, is it ever fun to come up with lots of suggestions for hard work that SOMEONE else will have to do!! Love, Wayne


  3. Hey there,

    Just wanted to send you a little “Hi”. Just stumbled across your blog. I’m one half of the filmmaking couple in Cherry Valley that’s renovating the barn beside the creek. We organized/hosted the AroarA and Jennifer Castle concert at the Cherry Jubilee last summer (with hopefully more to come!).

    Just wanted to say “Hello”, “Welcome”, and give a little nod to the country dreams and renovation stresses that we have in common. And also to say great job!

    Tess (and Ryan)

    • Hey Tess,
      Thanks for the Hello. I heard about your concert last year and was sorry we missed it. I noticed your barn renovation the other week, it looks like it will be fabulous. Stop by any time, if you want to check out our place. We are usually here. We are starting Baseball Tuesdays from 6-8pm starting tomorrow June 3rd if you want to come by.

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