We just spent the last few hours exploring.  We are trying to act like locals even though we have no local knowledge.  My guess is that is a fairly common thing cocky city people do.  We aren’t cocky, we are just looking for a few treasures.

Twice this week, we went to the big sandy beaches at our local Provincial park.  They are lovely.  The problem is everyone knows that and people come from far and wide to enjoy the sandy dunes.  So we went off the beaten path to find a beach a little less crowded and where our dog can run around leash free.

Our first try was a dud.  We drove down a rocky, hole laden dirt road to an even bigger dirt road with bigger holes.  We got out and walk for a bit but soon discovered it was an ATV haven.  We got out of dodge to avoid getting hit by an ATV and being BBQ’ed for dinner.

The next road led to a beach but it was too rough to swim.  On our third try, we hit the jackpot.  It was a pebble beach, with only a handful of people on it.  The girls jumped in the waves with Jess, while I trolled the beach.  If you looked hard enough, it was easy to discover the beach was full of fossils.  I’m a huge fan of any found treasure be it on a beach or in the garbage.  When we lived on our boat, I would spend hours snorkelling the shallow waters to find beach glass.  I felt the same way after I found my first fossil.  I’m already obsessing about a new jewellery line based on fossils.  I’ll just put that on my project list.

We still need some help in the local knowledge department.  I need to find the right farmers to buy my meats, eggs, milk and veggies.  I’m wondering what programs my kids should go to.  I need an electrician.  And eventually I should probably make a friend.  I’m sure all those issues will get settled in due time.

Until then, I’ll be at my secret beach that only the locals know about, collecting fossils.

6 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Lovely fossils, an ammonite and a devil’s toenail! I come from a fossilly area. 🙂 Jane looks so good in the photo. Tell Sarah the dogs are fine they arrived here yesterday with the hot weather! Xxx

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