All Moved In



We finally made it.  And let me tell you, the last few days have been a whirlwind.  We narrowly packed all our remaining belongings in our minivan on Friday.  We contemplated letting the dog run beside the car since we barely had room for him.  I had similar, yet fleeting thought about the kids as well.  Luckily we jammed them all in.  There was rain, and lots of traffic so it was a long, cranky drive but we made it by late afternoon.  All our mattresses got wet on the roof.  I think they may finally be dry.

My mother in law drove up with my mom and my aunt.  They all brought baked goods, and food for dinner.  They helped us unpack and entertained the kids.  I’m not sure any of us slept much that first night.  Wini crawled into my bed in the middle of the night because she was scared.  My mom woke up at 4 am.  Being the helpful person that she is, she spend the next few hours unpacking my boxes and putting my kitchen together for me.  Unfortunately, she is almost completely deaf so she couldn’t hear the racket she was making.  From my room, it sounded like she was just standing there banging pots together for 3 hours.  

We have met some of our neighbours.  Bob from across the street came over with a pint of strawberries and a cake.  He brought Helen and Gerald who’s four kids went to our school.  Larry stopped by and already has me signed up to be a judge in our town fair in September.  We jumped in the car yesterday afternoon to explore.  We found a local beach in a nature reserve and had a chilly swim in our clothes.  When we got home, there was a dozen farm fresh eggs from Mary with a big “Welcome” drawn on the ground in chalk.  It really has been lovely so far.

There is an instant sense of peace here.  Of course there are some hurdles to overcome.  The girls were scared to take a shower but then liked it when they did.  The water was hot the other day, but the heat has eluded us since then.  Some of the toilets are leaking so there has been several clean ups.  We did get a fridge on Friday, but I still long for an oven.  I’m learning to do it all on the BBQ.  Our water is coming out brown so we haven’t been drinking it.  We need to get it tested.  We’ve been filling up countless jugs at Bob’s house.  

One of the best things is the space.  My girls have been riding their bikes and scooters all over the inside of the school.  My middle child refuses to take off her helmet when she isn’t riding because it is now an extension of her head.  We keep losing each other here.  The most used question so far is “Where are you?”

All in all, we love it.  We are excited about all the possibilities that we can create.  We now have the space and the time to make it all happen.        



5 thoughts on “All Moved In

  1. I’m so glad it is all going so well! Love the picture of your mom :)… We miss you guys already.

  2. Thankyou so much for the update! Thinking of you all today as we had brunch at Mitzis and watched big city fireworks from the balcony!

    Love to you all!

    W and N

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  3. “There is an instant sense of peace here.” – says it all. I long for that too. So happy for you guys. xo cristina

  4. Even in our (up and running) public school we have to run the cold water for 20 minutes before it’s nice and clear. Try letting it run a long time…maybe the brown is just settled junk that can be flushed out? Here’s to an instant sense of peace, neighbours with fresh eggs and pints of strawberries — well, pints of anything, really. Congratulations!

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