Well it’s crunch time.  We leave in 7 days.  We are all very excited to go and explore our new surroundings.  We have been busy with several farewell parties and the general busyness of the last few days of school.  Our house is looking pretty bare.  Jess has done 6 trips in total so far with our rented trailer.  I think maybe two more trips and our house will be ready for the new owners.

Jess has been spending a significant amount of time in our new building.  He met with a plumber who has fixed most of our plumbing.  Now all 7 toilets work as do the numerous sinks.  And thankfully the urinals are no longer overflowing.  What more could a housewife ask for?  I’ll tell you.  I’ll take a shower and a fridge please.  And a stove as well.

The shower is on it’s way.  We were originally going to buy a cheap shower kit and install it for our temporary shower.  Then once our real bathroom was up and running we had planned on donating the shower kit to ReStore.  The whole thing was going to cost about $600-700.  Luckily, our plumber had a brilliant suggestion.  Since we have a drain in the bathroom floor, we could have a make shift shower in the handicapped stall.  He would even build us a basic faucet and taps so we didn’t have to buy new ones.

I love it.  The upside is we don’t have to buy more stuff.  The downside is I have to shower next to a toilet.  The obvious, additional upside is that it may make my whole morning routine much more efficient.

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Love the pic..we’ll be thinking of you all..all looks very good! Just got back from Wonderful Wales..lots of Pembrokeshire coastal path hiking, castles..girls would love! We’ll keep in touch! Love, Nancy


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