Last week my friend Matthew made the trek to our school to take some photographs.  I really wanted to have our building documented to preserve what the school has stood for all these years.  It was built in 1956, and was in operation for over 60 years.  Thousands of kids have been educated there and many teachers have taught them.   I am really looking forward to hearing all the stories from the people who attended our school.

Matthew lives in my neighbourhood.  Recently, he had an art show and sale at his home to unload some of his extra stock of photographs.  I went as a courtesy and to buy a glass of lemonade from his step daughter`s stand.  I wasn`t intending on buying any photographs.  I was moving and did not want more stuff to pack.  The problem was that when I got to the sale I fell in love.

Matthew has a passion for photographing abandoned  buildings.  He has travelled the world and has taken some fabulous shots.  I bought a few photos and look forward to putting them up in our new digs.  I was thrilled when he asked to photograph our school.  Even though my place is not as run down as some of the buildings he has photographed, I think his photos show that there were many lives led there.  You can feel the sense of history when you walk into the building, and that is seen through his lens.  If you`d like to see his photos, go here.    And if you`d like more, go to his website.


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