Lots of people have been asking lots of questions.  What are you going to do out there?  Do you have a job? What are your plans for the school?  As you can see, these are all very valid questions.  They are rational,  well planned, to the point kind of inquiries.

I have very vague answers for all those questions.

Let’s start with the first question.  What am I going to do out there?  Well there is that whole school/house project to focus on.  That may take up a little bit of my time.  Once that is in my back pocket and chugging along I have a few things on my to do list.   I want to try to make my own cheese.  Keep bees.  Learn how to do encaustic painting.  I have an idea for a book that I’d like to think more about.  Perfect my canning skills.  Exercise more.  Build a pizza oven.  Bake more bread.  Restore broken things.  Go to auctions.  Make good beer.  Knit more than a scarf.  Sew better.  Be outside more than in.  This list is growing everyday so I must stop here before this post gets too long.

Question number two.  No, I do not have a job.  Nor does my husband.  And no, we did not win the lottery nor do we have rich parents.  We also did not rob a bank and pin it on someone else.  We did not find a bag of money on the street and only give some of it to the cops.  We do have a wee cushion from the sale of our house but we will need that to live on and to renovate the school.  We have kind of decided that it’s ok to not make a bunch of money.  We are going to be entrepreneurial, and we have a number of half baked ideas that are certain to work out.

Let’s get the heck out of number two and jump into question number three.   What are we going to do with the 10,600 square foot school that we bought?  We don’t know but are open to any ideas if you care to share them.  A few people have been helping us.  Our friend Adam has given us lots of great things to think about.  He is a designer in many forms.  Our friend Andrew, who is an architect,  has also provided us with lots of ideas.  And Jess’ aunt Jacquie has done countless drawings for us and is a wiz at architectural drafting.  We do know that we are going to live in it, we are simply unsure as to how that is going to look.  I think we need to spend some time living in the building and  getting to know it a bit better.

As time moves on, I hope to be a little less vague in my responses.  Plans will come together and answers will roll off my tongue.  As soon as we figure it out, I’ll let you know.


8 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Pizza oven!?!?Harald,Nia and I would be than glad to come help with that….and the great thing is we actually know how to do it! We have one smack in the middle of our kitchen here! BUild as you go…that s what we ve done here(not planned or anything) and the space has grown with us and has feel of our our family and how it it has grown in so many ways.

  2. It sounds idyllic Alysa and I’m sure all the materialistic people out there will think your crazy, but to me I just want to move in with you 🙂 xxx

  3. Congrats on thinging outside the box, Alysa! I think you should consider leaving at least one classroom as a classroom, and teach crafty classes for local kids as an income source — and/or lease said classroom space to other locals who would teach photography, painting, etc. Alternately, you could rent out the gym for birthday parties. We are renting a gym at the local community centre for our son’s birthday this month. Way to go

  4. you forgot: play hide-and-seek, put on a play, have sleepovers and harvest strawberries that you planted yourselves. oh, and have chickens for fresh eggs. you will be too busy for a job!

  5. I have to hide this blog from my husband… your life sounds like his ideal “life”. To me, it sounds amazing and scary all at the same time. I’m going to keep reading… mother-in-law taught my kids and I how to do encaustic art – you’ll love the natural form of it.

  6. I am happy for you, Jess, and the family. I am sure that your entrepreneurial skills will have plenty of opportunities to rise to fruition. It sounds exciting and bound to lead to many adventures. I wouldn’t have the nerve personally but I really admire those who do.

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