All Ours


So I was thinking of redoing my new bathroom.  Probably just a little touch up with the paint, and then I think it’ll be perfect.  What do you think?

We took our girls to our new home yesterday.  They hadn’t seen it before, and they loved it.  Only kids could be that positive.  Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty and it ain’t clean.  I had some other choice descriptors for our school but I am trying hard not to swear on this blog even though it is one of my favorite past times.  

My girls ran everywhere. Then they spent an hour turning the principle’s office into the new Spy Headquarters.  They went sleuthing around and found an old rotary phone, boxes of books, a huge amount of unused paper, and a box of old trophies from the 70’s.  Even though it was raining, they climbed trees and ran around our huge field.  

As ugly and as dirty and as daunting as this old building is, I still believe it will be beautiful one day.  I just hope I can survive it.  


3 thoughts on “All Ours

  1. Those look like some pretty mosaic tiles. I’ve always wanted an old rotary phone! And you could sell those trophies for a mint at the flea. It’s going to be fabulous, my friend! xx

  2. Don’t sell the trophies! A few of the ones from the 80’s have my friend’s names on them, it’d be a shame to let them go. I’m thinking some sort of sculptural art project instead? Mathew and I enjoyed photographing the school today, we’re really excited for you and can’t wait to see the progress as you renovate.

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