A Fresh Start


Oh my, oh my it is already June.  I planned to start this blog in February but I guess time got away from me.  Let me update you on the general plan.

Back in December, my husband and I decided it was time to ditch city life and move to the country.  We have been agonizing over this decision for years.  Visions of rednecks, isolation, and boredom always won out and and kept us in our urban lives.  And don’t get me wrong, we love our life in the city.  We live in a great neighbourhood.  We are close to downtown, the lake, green spaces, and fabulous restaurants.  All our family and friends are here in the city.  We just needed more space for our family and less work in our lives.  So we started the search for our rural property.

We looked for months for a new house and saw beautiful homes.  We almost put an offer on a lovely five bedroom house on 6 acres.   It was across the street from a vineyard and near to a happening small town.  But we got cold feet.  It wasn’t the right fit.

So I kept on looking.

Late one night on Kijiji I found our home to be.  It is an empty 10,600 square foot 1950’s public school.  It has been closed since 2011 due to low enrolment.  Long story short, we bought the school, sold our house and off we go on June 28th.  I’ve been there once for 45 minutes.

There are a few stumbling blocks that we need to sort out when we get there.  Here is the short list: insure the plumbing works, get an adult size toilet (we have 7 kid size ones), set up a shower, install some kind of heating device before the winter, and build a kitchen (there is a sink in every room).  I’m hoping we can get a lot of mileage from a sink, a cooler and a BBQ this summer.  Wish me luck!






12 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Every house needs 7 miniature toilets, a stage a basketball court and no kitchen. have fun guys! We can’t wait to see it! Adam & Family xxx

  2. Wow what a challenge, the property has potential to make one amazing home, keep the blog coming will follow with great interest. Love to you all. Hugs for your Mom xxxx
    Karen and family xxxxx

  3. What a fun and amazing challenge this will be. Your kids are very lucky and what a great experience for all of you! Can’t wait to read more!! All the best! ~jenny

  4. I love it! It looks a little roomier than Cassiopeia. I’m guessing you had about 125 square feet of living space at that time. With some creative use of space you may find a good spot for a veggie garden.
    It looks like a great adventure.

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